The studio is located inside an antique aristocratic palace of the eleventh century, just five minutes from Sorrento, in a key position in the city center of Sant’Agnello – an ideal location to work while maintaining calm and focus in a relaxing setting.

Whoever visits Pilates Sirentum Studio is not only our customer. We like to think that our students are also our friends, who train their body and mind with us, in an environment which allows everyone to better themselves according to one’s own capabilities.

The studio is supplied with the original equipment of the Pilates method which can be used in hundreds of exercises for a workout that meets everyone’s needs. The choice of the wood variety of the tools was deliberate for its non-mechanical natural features and their resemblance with the surrounding environment.


  • > Pilates SpringBoard
  • > Reformer
  • > Cadillac
  • > Wunda Chair
  • > Barrel Tower

These handmade tools have built-in adjustable springs which are used for muscular training and help to provide a strong and balanced workout.

Working with these tools is remarkably more challenging due to the body demanding a more balanced muscular synergy.


Conversely, the Pilates “Work Mat” is a floor exercise workout performed on a mat.

The Work Mat provides its own fitness workout with about 70 different exercises which involve every muscle, maintaining coordination and flexibility.

“After ten lessons you feel the difference, after twenty you notice it and after thirty lessons you will have a completely new body”.

- Joseph H Pilates -